The University of Louisville Privacy Office serves as a resource for University faculty and staff for matters relating to federal and state privacy regulations which apply to the University.  This includes matters involving our students, our employees, our patients, and our campus visitors.  

The Privacy Office is organized, along with the Information Security Office, within the University of Louisville Integrity & Compliance Department under the Vice President of Risk Management, Audit & Compliance.  

The Privacy Office provides assistance to faculty and staff regarding privacy concerns and questions, has oversight responsibility for HIPAA compliance in University clinics and departments, oversees HIPAA Privacy Awareness training for applicable faculty, staff, students, and individuals who are considered workforce members of our covered entity, and works with faculty and staff to respond to privacy incidents.  We also provide assistance for individuals working on U of L research projects which involve protected health information.


If you suspect a breach or have other compliance concerns,

please contact us at (502) 852-3803 or contact the
UofL Compliance Hotline


or Online via ULink

The Compliance Hotline is available
24 hours a day/7 days a week