Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Workshops are designed to support the "It's Your Planet - Love It!" Series. Let your journey to earn a badge/award begin here at the planetarium.

Troops are welcome to contact the planetarium about scheduling additional workshops outside of the ones listed below (502-852-6665 or planet"at" Any additional workshops must have a minimum of 14 scouts and 2 adults.


$12/scout; $3/adult (UofL faculty/staff/students)
$15/scout; $5/adult (non-UofL)

All troops must be accompanied by a minimum of one adult to every 7 girls (more adults are welcome). If a parent/guardian is registering a child that will not attend with a group, the parent/guardian must register and attend with their child.

Workshops can be cancelled due to weather, low enrollment or other issues.


Call 502.852.6665 to register.

It's Your Planet-Love It! Between Earth and Sky (Daisies): Daisies will absorb information about plants, rocks and soil just like plants and soil absorb water! Girls orbit the Earth on a virtual tour to get a satellite-eye view of our plant-rich planet, learning about habitats around the world. Upon returning to Earth (and soil!), Daisies engage in interactive, fun activities that help them understand how seeds are dispersed as well as how water affects soil, plants and stones. This hands-on exploration is topped off with the girls planting seeds to take home for further exploration and observation. (Click here for Journey Assets List)

January 10 (closed- call 502.852.6665 if you wish to schedule a session on a mutually agreeable date/time)



WOW! Wonders of Water! Workshop (Brownies): Brownies begin their exploration of the importance of water with a virtual tour of the solar system. Along the way, they discover how unique the Earth is with its abundance of liquid water (often described as the Goldilocks principle). Their journey continues with hands-on experiments where they learn how water helps regulate temperatures across the Earth. Scouts create rainbows, exploring the colors with special diffraction glasses and end the workshop with a tasty exploration of regular fruit vs. dried fruit. This engaging, hands-on program inspires Brownies to treasure and protect this precious resource. (Click here for Journey Assets List)

January 17 (Closed - call 502.852.6665 if you wish to schedule a session on a mutually agreeable date/time)





It's Your Planet-Love It! Energy Responsibility (Juniors): Juniors take an electrifying virtual journey to learn about types of energy, the vital role the sun plays, global warming, light pollution and recycling. Scouts are energized to conserve resources as they experiment with solar energy and more effective ways of packaging goods. The workshop is topped off with a tour of the constellations and girls leave empowered with practical steps they can take toward energy conservation. (Click here for Journey Assets List)

January 24 (Closed - call 502.852.6665 if you wish to schedule a session on a mutually agreeable date/time)



It's Your Planet-Love It! Breathe (Cadettes): Cadettes rocket through space to explore the elements of air: not only does it enable us to breath, but it serves as an invisible armor that shields us from hazards in space.  Girls see first-hand why protective suits are necessary for astronauts outside of the safe bubble of our atmosphere…talk about an explosive demonstration using fun, everyday items such as marshmallows and soda! And there’s more - scouts get to make models of lungs and experiment with how sound travels through air. The workshop ends with the girls returning to their virtual rocket-ship to explore the atmosphere of other planets in our solar system. (Click here for Journey Assets List)

January 31
10 AM - Noon


Call 502.852.6665 to register or to schedule a session on a date not listed above.