Boy Scouts

Scouts with models of the solar system at Louisville Astronomical SocietyAstronomy Merit Badge, Belt Loop, Academic Pin

Journey through space with experts from the Louisville Astronomical Society and earn your badge in warp speed!


Workshop options include:

  • Identifying constellations
  • Planet identification and movements
  • Moon, sun and star exploration
  • Live and safe observing
  • Learning about and using astronomical tools
  • Exploration of astronomy career opportunities









Pricing information:

  • Workshops only at Louisville Astronomical Society (LAS) and Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium (GSH&RP): $20/scout; $8/adult
  • Workshop and camping at LAS plus workshop only at GSH&RP $25/scout; $8/adultScouts with telescope at Louisville Astronomical Society
  • Workshop only at LAS: $5/scout
  • Workshop and camping at LAS: $10/scout
  • Workshop only at GSH&RP: $15/scout; $8/adult


LAS has two sites for scout programming: Urban Astronomy Center, E.P. "Tom" Sawyer Park, Louisville and Curby, IN, near Marengo Cave/Cave Country Canoes

LAS camping fee includes up to two nights

GSH&RP workshop-only minimum: 15 scouts/2 adults; maximum: 160 total

Workshops at GSH&RP are delivered by LAS members

Workshop content and badging requirements covered are dependent on the location of workshop

Details and booking information:

Ken Alderson, President
Louisville Astronomical Society