Owsley Brown II Portable Planetarium

"Students were fascinated by the journey that our class took through the universe. The Big Bang program helped students visualize the concepts that we were discussing in class. Many students came out of the experience exclaiming, 'I want to know more about the universe!' and 'I never thought science could be so cool!' This experience brought up many questions as well, such as, 'If stars are so far away, how can we know if they are still alive?' as well as the typical, 'Is it possible that there are aliens out there somewhere and we just don't know about them?' Overall, the planetarium allowed us to give hundreds of students a great experience all in the comfort of our own school." --John Doctor, Science Teacher, Fairdale HighSchool

The Owsley Brown II Portable Planetarium brings the unique educational experience of a state-of-the-art digital planetarium directly to you. Engaging and immersive experiences for grades K – 12 are aligned and designed around the framework of the Next Generation Science Standards.

This visually enriched, educational environment envelopes the audience in imagery that precisely renders our universe and its various components. Whether it be a flight through the Milky Way or a trip to the edges of the known universe, students are captivated with visualizations that bring difficult-to-comprehend concepts to life.

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This AFFORDABLE, HASSLE-FREE experience requires no permission slips and there are not any transportation costs. Need to teach moon phases to your 3rd and 4th graders? Not a problem - in just one day, up to *180 kids can visually explore the intricacies of the moon and its relationship to the Earth, EFFORTLESSLY ABSORBING COMPLEX INFORMATION THAT IS BROUGHT TO LIFE ON THE DOME. The VALUE of this experience? PRICELESS. The COST to you - *$2.78/CHILD (based on 180 kids and a flat $500 rate).

Or, if you want all of the students in your school to experience this INSPIRING AND EXCITING EXTENSION OF THE CLASSROOM, schedule a short, CUSTOMIZED VIRTUAL JOURNEY through the universe focusing on the content of your choice. For a school with *400 kids, that is ONLY *$1.25/STUDENT!

*Click here for pricing, logistical information and capacity information.

*Capacity is dependent on the ages/sizes of the audience. Also available for private rentals (e.g special events and meetings)!

Cost & Logistics

This exciting new initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Brown Family as well as:


Field experiences at the University of Louisville's Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium are still offered for groups of 10 to 160.

Check out what folks at Blue Lick Elementary have to say about the Owsley Brown II Portable Planetarium!


My students were so excited to have the Portable Planetarium come to Blue Lick. The excitement built up for several days before the event, and students still talk about it 6 months later. Just a week ago (April) I had a parent tell me that the Planetarium visit was the best night we have had here at Blue Lick. She stated that we need this type of stuff for the parents. They can’t always take children there and this gave the parents the chance to be a part of the learning, too, she said.

We were able to connect classroom science learning with what students learned in the Portable Planetarium. Teachers selected their topics based on that and students were able to make the connections.

I tell my principal friends about this wonderful program. I am so glad that we were one of the first schools to be able to participate! Thank you for that.

Melody Raymond, Principal, Blue Lick Elementary School


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