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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning

Healthcare Leadership [competency-based education]

Core Courses

Students enrolling in the BSOLL-HCL program currently have two curriculum options. The first is a series of 36 single-credit classes that are broken down into individual competencies. The second is a more traditional selection of 3-credit courses.

The two paths are outlined in the chart below with each 3 credit hour course paired with the equivalent 1 credit hour courses it would encompass. The total number of credit hours is the same for both paths. In the traditional column, core curriculum is highlighted and the remaining courses may be taken as electives.

Effective Summer 2018, all new BSOLL-HCL students will be enrolled in the 3 credit hour Healthcare Leadership Curriculum. Students who entered the program prior to Summer 2018 may complete the 1 credit hour version of the program or transition to the 3 credit hour program curriculum by applying 1 hour credits earned to the new degree requirements

CBE Healthcare Leadership
1 Credit Hour
Healthcare Leadership
3 Credit Hour
ELFH 301 Basic Skills for Success ELFH 307 - Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) for Healthcare Leaders
ELFH 302 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Documentation
ELFH 303 Self-Assessment
ELFH 304 Understand Needs Assessment ELFH 308 - Needs Assessment in Healthcare Organizations
ELFH 305 Identifying Needs Assessment
ELFH 306 Applying Needs Assessment
ELFH 317 Instructional Strategies ELFH 310 - Healthcare Presentations and Group Facilitation
ELFH 318 Managing Group Dynamics
ELFH 319 Facilitating Decision Making
ELFH 344 Project Planning Elements ELFH 309 - Managing Projects in Healthcare Organizations
ELFH 345 Managing Projects
ELFH 346 Project Oversight
ELFH 401 Strategic HR Management & Law ELFH 410 - Fundamentals of Healthcare Human Resource Management
ELFH 402 HR Recruitment
ELFH 403 HR Performance Management
ELFH 444 Leading Change ELFH 415 - Organizational Change in Healthcare
ELFH 445 Organization Development
ELFH 446 Leading Process Management
ELFH 511 Ethical Theories ELFH 419 - Healthcare Workplace and Informational Ethics
ELFH 512 Individual Ethics
ELFH 513 Building Ethical Organizations
ELFH 404 Career Management ELFH 417 - Coaching and Talent Management in Healthcare
ELFH 405 Assessing Talent
ELFH 406 Coaching for Performance
ELFH 407 Diversity & Inclusion ELFH 413 - Management of Diversity in Healthcare Organizations
ELFH 408 Competing Perspectives
ELFH 409 Global Workforce
ELFH 421 Understanding Conflict ELFH 418 - Conflict Management in Healthcare Organizations
ELFH 422 Conflict Management
ELFH 423 Dispute Resolution
ELFH 427 Principles of Management ELFH 416- Principles of Healthcare Leadership and Management
ELFH 428 Understanding Leadership
ELFH 429 Leading & Leadership
ELFH 581 Culm. Experience ELFH 450 - Healthcare Leadership Culminating Undergraduate Experience
ELFH 582 Program Exit Experience
ELFH 583 Capstone Project
  ELFH 430 - Healthcare Finance & Accounting
  ELFH 431 - Healthcare Information Management
  ELFH 432 - Healthcare Quality Evaluation
  ELFH 433 - Healthcare Law and Ethics

Effective Summer 2018, students in the program may also choose between two enrollment paths.

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    This is the current pathway for students wishing to pursue the Competency-Based Education model (CBE). In Flex Path, students have 32 weeks to move through the program materials at their own pace. Many students value this level of flexibility. This path places the responsibility on the student to set and maintain their own pace to finish the materials on time. Financial Aid is dependent on timely completion. Students may enroll in additional CBE courses as soon as previously enrolled courses are completed to expedite program completion.

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    In this pathway, students enroll in 8-week courses and complete each course within a pre-determined timeframe. This option is for students who wish to follow a more structured and traditional university schedule while taking advantage of accelerated terms. Two terms will be available in Fall and Spring and one term will be available in Summer.

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