Circle of Harmony and Health

Center For Healthy Air Water and Soil

The Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil is building a living, urban laboratory to support collaborative research and promote a health in all policies approach to decision making at the University of Louisville. We bring people and data together to begin new conversations and find new solutions to health challenges in our community and around the world.  

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Citizen Scientists

Louisville is our urban, living laboratory. We study what living in Louisville means for our health and we want everyone to help! That means everyone in Louisville can be one of our lab partners. Citizen Scientists can provide data about their everyday experiences so we can begin to understand the connections between our health, our environment, and our choices. 

Citizen Scientists

Health Ambassadors

Health in All Policies is a way to improve health for individuals and communities. Our Health Ambassadors make decisions through a lens of health – they consider how actions will affect people’s health and choose options that support health and wellbeing. We are starting a Health in All Policies movement by supporting people in Louisville who work to make their communities healthier. 

Our Ambassadors

JA BizTown Health Ambassadors

The Center is happy to announce that in 2019 Junior Achievement has created a Community Health Researcher job and added Health Ambassadors to their Sam Swope BizTown!  

Any student that participates in BizTown can choose to become a Health Ambassador! BizTown Health Ambassadors will learn about the multidimensional nature of health from the research conducted by the Community Health Researcher, decide to change one thing at home that will make their family healthier, and have the opportunity to visit real UofL researchers at the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute!

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Circle of Harmony and Health

Circle of Harmony and Health

Guided by this philosophy of Harmony and Health, the Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil works with Citizen Scientists in Louisville's urban laboratory to understand the connections between human health and the health of the environment.

Support Healthy Air Water and Soil

Every living thing needs healthy air, water, and soil to have a healthy, vibrant life. We're working to connect science to our communities and improve city policy, urban design, and the way we understand our environment. If you would like to support our work that brings citizen science and innovative environmental health research to the University of Louisville, consider contributing to our work!