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Course Reserves

Course reserve material includes any article, book, book chapter, video or audio tape, which is made available for students as part of classroom, or on-line learning. Course reserve materials are intended for non-commercial, educational use only. All course reserve requests must be made by the course instructor. An on-line course reserve request form must be submitted for us to process requests. Library staff make every effort to make reserve requests available to students as soon as possible, however requests may take up to 5 days to complete. Please plan accordingly.

For faculty interested in educating students on how to conduct independent research using library resources, please visit the Information Literacy web site.

Printable version of Ekstrom Library’s Course Reserve Brochure (PDF)

For further information on our reserve policies, please view our hard copy reserves policies and our electronic reserves policies.

Course Reserve Information & Responsibilities:

The University Libraries supports instruction with course reserves and other collection access services. The primary function of these services is to assure that students and teachers will have timely access to course-related library resources.

Materials may be copied and made available for course reserves when they are:

  1. in the public domain; or
  2. used with permission from the copyright holder; or
  3. used under the provisions of a contract or license agreement, noting that agreements may differ from, and often take precedence over, what is allowed under copyright law; or
  4. used under the provision of Fair Use, U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 107, or as determined using a case-by-case four-factor analysis.

The Libraries retain the right to refuse materials for reserve, or remove materials already on reserve, on the basis of law-related or administrative concerns.

The following standards will be applied when copying copyrighted works for course reserves under the provisions of Fair Use (Section 107).

Instructor Responsibilities

  • All materials submitted by instructors must support course-related teaching, scholarship, or research.
  • Instructors submitting materials are responsible for evaluating, on a case-by-case basis, whether the use of a copyrighted work requires permission or qualifies as fair use. When permissions are needed, instructors or their departments are expected to make any required arrangements. A sample copyright permission letter is provided for your use. For additional support, contact Copyright Permission Services at 852-5099 for assistance.
  • Whenever copying original materials is involved, whether the copies are made by instructors or by the library, only the amount needed to accomplish the specific educational purpose should be copied. In consultation with library staff, instructors will determine any limits on the amount of material to be used.

User Responsibilities

  • All materials placed on course reserves are to be used solely for non-commercial educational purposes in connection with designated courses.
  • Copyrighted materials made available through course reserves may be copied for teaching, scholarly, or research purposes, and should not be reproduced for further distribution.

Library Responsibilities

  • University Libraries will provide information resources and consultation to instructors to assist them in evaluating the qualifications of a specific use as fair use.
  • Access to materials on course reserves will be limited to students currently enrolled and their instructors.
  • Copies made will display a notice stating that the work may be protected by copyright and, when available, the notice of copyright that appears on the original work.
  • Materials will be removed from course reserves at the end of every semester.
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