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Arts and Sciences Research Office

Promoting Research - Proposal Development - Reviewing Proposals - Gardiner Hall, Suite 320

Internal Funding

Specifically for College of Arts and Sciences Faculty

Victor Olorunsola Endowed Research Award

The A&S Research Office solicits applications for the Victor Olorunsola Endowed Research Award in the Spring.  An award of up to $2,000 is made annually. Funds may be used for research assistance, supplies, or as seed money for travel or equipment support. This award is supplemental to normal college funds or funds received from the College Research Committee for such purposes. Applicants must be full-time, tenure-trackassistant professors in the College of Arts and Sciences and they must be  within their first four years as tenure-track assistant professors. The next deadline is March 6, 2015 and the guidelines are linked here (Word document).

Research and Creative Activities Grant

The College of Arts and Sciences announces funding opportunities to promote research and creative activities of faculty members with the purpose of increasing the extramural research funding, and the number of scholarly publications, refereed exhibits, and artistic performances of the college.  Any tenured or tenure-track faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences is eligible, excluding the A&S Associate Dean of Research.  The initiative will support proposals that contain any one of the following elements: (i) novel/ground-breaking ideas, (ii) exploratory research in an emerging field or extending the frontiers of an established field, or (iii) inter-disciplinary/collaborative research.  The maximum amount for an individual grant is $2,000.  For inter-disciplinary/collaborative research projects involving more than one A&S investigator, the maximum award amount is $3,000. The next deadline is March 6, 2015 and the proposal template and guidelines are linked here (Word document).

University-Wide Intramural Research Incentive Grants (IRIG)

The Intramural Research Incentive Grants (IRIG) program is funded by the University and administered by Dr. William M. Pierce, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation. Competitions for these grants are held twice a year with deadlines in the Spring and Fall. IRIGs are open only to full-time faculty at UofL. A principal focus of the program is to provide funds for projects for which the director intends to seek external funding. However, special consideration is given to projects in disciplines in which there is limited opportunity for extramural support. The following 4 are brief descriptions of the grants available. Visit the UofL Research and Innovation website for deadlines and application forms.

Research Initiation Grant (RIG)

The primary purpose of a RIG is to assist faculty in the initiation of new research projects. Funds may be used for equipment, expendable supplies, travel necessary for the conduct of the research, student wages, release from teaching duties, or other reasonable and appropriate research expenses. In general, priority is given to new faculty, those entering new areas of research and scholarship and others who have not previously received an RIG. Grants up to $5,000 are provided.

Multidisciplinary Research Grant (MRG)

The goal of the MRG program is to identify new areas of promising multidisciplinary research in the University that will lead to improvements in research competitiveness. It is crosscutting in the sense that it addresses areas where there are gaps in knowledge, or where disciplinary barriers have prevented progress in the past. The focus of the program will be to seed research activities that have potential for competing in multidisciplinary externally funded grant programs. Awards up to $10,000 will be made for one year in duration.

Project Completion Grant (PCG)

The primary purpose of a PCG is to assist faculty who are nearing the end of a scholarly project and need some ancillary support to bring it to completion. PCG funds may be used to cover the costs of travel required to complete the project, manuscript preparation, library computer searches, or release from teaching duties. Grants of up to $4,000 are provided.

Competitive Enhancement Grant (CEG)

The primary purpose of a CEG is to provide support for research that will improve opportunities for extramural grant funding by being responsive to grant reviewers' comments and suggestions.  CEG support is for projects with a good potential for extramural funding if certain specific research is done. Grants are provided up to a maximum of $15,000.