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Description and Details


What is it?

The Research Office Professionals (ROP) group is a loose organization of professionals at UofL engaged in all aspects of research proposal submission, support, and administration.  The goals of the meetings are to share information across units, facilitate cooperation within the University, and create opportunities for the continuing education of our members.  The overarching goal is to advance the research mission of the University and it's faculty.

What's the point?

Benefits to participating include:

    • Continuing education opportunities
    • Sharing information with others about happenings in your unit or office
    • Networking and collaboration opportunities
    • Identifying inconsistent policies and practices across the University
    • Improving communication between departments by creating personal relationships and building a sense of community
    • Sharing and receiving information via the members' ListServ


Tell me more about this ListServ

As of the first quarter, 2015 there were more than 70 individuals subscribed to the ROP ListServ, representing 34 departments.  If you would like to subscribe, send an email to Teresa Wilkins.  If you would like to send an email to the ListServ members, email ResearchOfficePros@LISTSERV.LOUISVILLE.EDU  The list is moderated, so if you send an email to the list and don't see it show up right away, it is likely in the queue for review and approval.

To unsubscribe, send an email to ResearchOfficePros-signoff-request@LISTSERV.LOUISVILLE.EDU

Where do you meet?

Meetings take place at various locations across both campuses, with units encouraged to take turns hosting.  If you'd like to host a meeting, contact Teresa Wilkins (852-5588).  Check the individual meeting notices for details about location for that meeting.

Who can attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend.  Current members include staff from the various research offices throughout the University, Grant Managers, Grant Coordinators, UBMs, Accountants, Administrative Associates, individuals representing research administration at UofL, and many others.

When are the meetings?

As of May 2014, the ROP meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 a.m.  Check the individual meeting notices for details about location.  Some months the organizers choose to substitute virtual discussions for face-to-face meetings.

Who's running this show, anyway?

  • Teresa Wilkins, Grant Manager Specialist from the A&S Research Office
  • Christine Payne, Research and Grants Manager from the CEHD Research Office
  • Vickie Tencer, Research Manager in the School of Nursing Research Office
  • Ryann Gilmore, Grants Management Specialist, OSPA