Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (CACHe)

Opened January 2019,the new Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage occupies 17,000ft of the 1606 Rowan St. warehouse in Portland. The new center serves as a hub of transdisciplinary research, community engagement,and develop future archaeologists through a broad range of experiential training in laboratory and field methods.

“Placing the University of Louisville’s Archaeology Labs and Archaeology classrooms on the west side of Louisville will strengthen our community’s awareness of the archaeological treasures that are intertwined not only with our city’s heritage but with the history of the Ohio Valley. The buried 1800s town under Portland Wharf Park, the hints of ancient mounds, and Devonian fossil beds at the Falls of the Ohio are all reminders of the interconnection between past and present.” -Greg Fischer, Mayor, City of Louisville

Learn about the archaeology of Portland and West Louisville

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