Nancy M. Theriot



Research interests

My most recent research focuses on medicine as a gendered practice and on the relationship between medical practitioners and patients in the nineteenth century. I am particularly interested in the impact of medical ideology and practices on women's experience of embodiment.

Current and recent courses

  • Women in Nineteenth-Century, U.S. (cross-listed with History)
  • History of American Childhood (cross-listed with History)
  • Race, Class, and Gender (team-taught with Angela Y. Davis)
  • Lectures in Women's & Gender Studies: Gender and Sexualities
  • History of Sexualities (cross-listed with History)
  • History of Women and Medicine (cross-listed with History)
  • Senior Seminar in WGS: Interdisciplinary Research
  • Reading Second-Wave Feminism
  • Women in American Culture (on-line)
  • Feminist Research in the Humanities (cross-listed with Humanities)
  • For English: Intermediate Composition
  • For History:History of Medicine