Create an Event

To create an Event in Plone 4:

Default Tab:

  • Go to the news and events folder or create a new one. We recommend that you don't put them in the root folder of your site as it will get cluttered and hard to find things.
  • Click on the add new drop down and select event.
  • Enter it's title. This is a required field and will be displayed on the event notice.
  • if you want to have an event summary put it in the description field.
  • Enter the location of the event.
  • Select the start and end times/dates of your event.
  • In the body text field you can create a web page for the event that will be displayed when the customer clicks on the event.
  • If you have a list of attendees enter them one per line.
  • Enter the event URL if there is already a web page for this event.
  • Enter the contact information.

Categorization Tab

  • Select or enter the event type (if you want more organization to your events.)
  • Add any related items, such as Event pages or resources for the event.

Dates Tab

  • If you want your event to be published in the future. Enter the date you want this event to be made public in the publishing date field. The event will automatically become visible on this date. Leave blank for "Right Now".
  • If you want your event to be removed from the list in the future. Enter the date you want the event notice to no longer be available on your site. The event will automatically become unavailable on your site at this time. Leave blank for "Never'

Ownership Tab

  • Enter the creators of this event if you wish.
  • Enter any contributors.
  • Rights is where you would enter any copyright information. Per University policy, the university generally claims copyright on all thing on it's systems.

Settings Tab

  • To allow customers to add comments to your event, check the allow comments box.
  • To keep this event from displaying in the navigation menu check the exclude from navigation box.