Add a video to your page.

  1. First add your video to the Flash video server. (see "how to put a flash video on the flash server")
  2. Open the page editor and select the location you want your video.
  3. Click on the video button. 
    1. Enter the URL to the flash server video. This can be found in the email with the subject line "Video encoding complete".
    2. Enter the width you want the player box on your page.
    3. Enter the height you want the player box on your page.
    4. If you want the video to play when the page is opened check the autoplay box
    5. If you want the video to be compatible with the iPad or iPhone check that box.
  4. If you want closed captioning. Note: you must use either closed captioning or have a transcript for your video
    1. Put the captions.xml file on your site.(see "How to create a closed caption file")
    2. Enter the URL for the captions.xml file. (required for captioning)
    3. If you want the captioning box somewhere other than the top, fill in the distance height and width text boxes.
    4. If you want other than transparent background with white text, fill in the font and color info.
  5. Click the insert button.


The page should now have a placeholder for your video box.  Click save to save your work.