ADA Compliance Check List

* Indicates a local edit highlighting items that are not discoverable via current ADA testing software.

  1. Every image, video file, audio file, plug-in, etc. has an alt tag
  2. * Complex graphics are accompanied by detailed text descriptions
  3. The alt descriptions describe the purpose of the objects
  4. * If an image is also used as a link, make sure the alt tag describes the graphic and the link destination
  5. * Decorative graphics with no other function have empty alt descriptions (alt= "")
  6. Add captions to videos
  7. Add audio descriptions
  8. Create text transcript
  9. Create a link to the video rather than embedding it into web pages
  10. Add a link to the media player download
  11. Add an additional link to the text transcript
  12. The page should provide alternative links to the Image Map
  13. The <area> tags must contain an alt attribute
  14. Data tables have the column and row headers appropriately identified (using the <th> tag)
  15. * Tables used strictly for layout purposes do NOT have header rows or columns
  16. Table cells are associated with the appropriate headers (e.g. with the id, headers, scope and/or axis HTML attributes)
  17. Make sure the page does not contain repeatedly flashing images
  18. Check to make sure the page does not contain a strobe effect
  19. A link is provided to a disability-accessible page where the plug-in can be downloaded
  20. All Java applets, scripts and plug-ins (including Acrobat PDF files and PowerPoint files, etc.) and the content within them are accessible to assistive technologies, or else an alternative means of accessing equivalent content is provided
  21. When form controls are text input fields use the LABEL element
  22. When text is not available use the title attribute
  23. Include any special instructions within field labels
  24. Make sure that form fields are in a logical tab order
  25. Include a "Skip Navigation" button to help those using text readers

Courtesy of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, excerpted from

* Not listed above, but the web page must also be completely navigable via keyboard control alone.