Severe Weather Policy & Procedures

When weather conditions warrant a decision to remain on regular opening schedules or to deviate, UofL administration, when possible, will announce schedule changes for morning classes by 6 a.m. and for evening classes by 3 p.m. For the purpose of severe weather announcements, evening classes are those that begin at or after 4:15 p.m.

Official Information

UofL will provide official information on deviations from normal schedules via:

  1. A notice on the university home page
  2. Text messages sent to students, faculty and staff who sign up for UofL Alerts. Sign up for alerts today.
  3. Alert messages sent to all dorm and office VoIP phones
  4. E-mails sent to students and employees on their university accounts
  5. A recorded message at 502-852-5555

Local media also will be contacted, but the most reliable sources are those above.

Delayed Schedule

When administration announces a delayed schedule, it will cancel classes up to a certain time and begin with the full class schedule at that point.

A delayed opening until 10 a.m., for instance, means that classes that end before 10 a.m. will be canceled. Students who normally would be in class at or after 10 a.m. should go wherever they would be at that time unless they have received other instructions from their instructor in advance. Those should be included in the course syllabus.