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Catalog Year Information

The following consolidated University policy is applicable to all academic units.

The catalog years for this catalog are Summer 2009 through Spring 2010. The requirements, rules, and policies therein are generally applicable to students who enroll at the University beginning with the Summer 2009 semester through the Spring 2010 term.

Students with continuous enrollment who transfer within the University will be expected to meet the general education requirements in effect the year they were admitted to the University. Students pursuing an undergraduate degree shall meet the degree requirements in effect at the time of their first admission to any degree-granting unit of the University provided they have not had a break in enrollment of two or more calendar years. If the student has a break in enrollment of two or more calendar years, that student must apply for readmission and, if admitted, will be subject to catalog requirements in effect at the time of readmission. Generally, students may elect to follow the most recent degree or program requirements established subsequent to their initial entry into a degree-granting unit.

The University reserves the right to change programs of study, academic policies, academic requirements, fees, schedules of courses, or the announced academic calendar without prior notice. The University additionally reserves the right to issue and require immediate compliance with new requirements as may be needed to respond to certification, licensure, and accreditation issues.

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