Bioengineering (MEN)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2009 - Spring 2010 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Master of Engineering in Bioengineering

Major: BE

Degree: MEN

Unit: Speed School of Engineering (SS)

Department: Bioengineering


Graduate Studies

Courses Hours
BE 621 4
PHST 600 3
BE Program Electives1, 4 18
Thesis Option: BE 6972
Non-Thesis Option: BE 691, BE Program Elective3
Total 31

1 A student specializing in BE is required to select approved electives (500 or 600 Level). By proper choice of these electives, a student may develop specific strengths in areas such as bioelectronics, biomedical devices, bioinformatics, bioimaging, biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, molecular engineering, cellular engineering. or tissue engineering. However, depending on faculty availability and other departmental needs, sufficient courses may not be offered in any one or two year period to allow a student to specialize in some of these areas. Therefore, these electives need not necessarily be BE courses, but the student’s research advisor and academic advisor must approve non-Bioengineering courses from a list of appropriate engineering design and engineering science courses available in the BE Department.

2 For the thesis option, a full-time student is required to have selected both an approved M.Eng. thesis topic and the director and members of the thesis committee during the first term of the graduate/professional year. 

3 For the non-thesis option, a full-time student is required to complete BE 691 and approved BE program elective. 

4 From the 18 hours, one selected elective must fulfill a physiology course approved by the BE department. 

Total Hours
Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering 136
Graduate Studies 31
Master of Engineering in Bioengineering 167
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