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Workforce Leadership(BS)

This program was approved for students entering the university in the Summer 2009 - Spring 2010 catalog year. For more information about catalog year, go to Catalog Year Information.

Major: WFL

Degree: BS

Unit: College of Education and Human Development

Bachelor of Science in Workforce Leadership

A minimum of 123 hours with an overall GPA of 2.25 is required for completion, with 2.50 grade point average required in the major courses. Thirty-four hours of general education credit are required. A minimum of 50 hours of credit at the 300 level or above are required. Prior extensive and documented work experience or technical courses in a training area or occupation is required. Workplace learning is evaluated for up to 48 hours of credit in the Specialization. Students must earn 15 hours of credit in program major courses with a “B” or better average before the specialization credit is granted. Students must apply for the Program Exit Experience one semester in advance of enrollment.

General Education


University-wide General Education requirements                                                      34

Major Core Courses


ELFH 300 Prior Learning Assessment (Complete within first year)                                       31
ELFH 312 Designing Learning 31
ELFH 316 Delivering Learning 31, 3
ELFH 332 Measuring and Evaluating Effectiveness 31, 3
ELFH 341 Managing Projects in the Workplace 3
ELFH 442 Supporting Organizational Change 3
 ELFH 490 Leadership and Management 3
ELFH 540 Program Exit Experience 55
Students choose one concentration below:
Major Concentration: Workplace Performance (WPR)


ELFH 411 HR Fundamentals 3
ELFH 460 Adult Learning and Diversity 3
ELFH 577 Knowledge Management and Information Systems  3
Major Concentration: Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Only employed vocational educational teachers are eligible for this concentration.


ELFH 310 Teaching Career and Technical Education                                                 32
ELFH 330 Special Needs and Technical Education 3
ECPY 512 Learning and Cognition in Education 3
Major Concentration: Executive Development (EXD)

Only students who have been approved by the faculty coordinator are eligible for this concentration.


ELFH 596 Seminar: Research 1                                                                             1-9
ELFH 596 Seminar: Research 2 1-9
ELFH 596 Seminar: Research 3 1-9
Work Specialization


ELFH 290, Occupational Subjects                                                                         (2-42)4
ELFH 291, Occupational Experience (2-45)4
ELFH 315, Supervised Work Experience Internship (3-24)4
ELFH 390, Advanced Occupational Subjects (2-18)4
ELFH 391, Advanced Occupational Experience (2-18)4
Industry IT Computer Certification (2-45)4
Electives 6
Minimum Total                                                                                                                                         123

1 ELFH 300 must be taken prior to or concurrently with ELFH 312 or 316.

2 The appropriate agency must certify work experience prior to admission.

3 ELFH 312 is a prerequisite

4 Requirements for posting the Work Specialization credits: prior extensive documented work learning; completion of an additional 15 hours in the major core courses with a B or better grade point average.

5 Applications for ELFH 540 must be submitted by mid-term week of the semester prior to enrollment. Prerequisites: ELFH 312, 316, 332 and all but 2 courses in the major core courses must be completed prior to enrollment.

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