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Organization of the Undergraduate Catalog

General information concerning University-wide academic policies, procedures and regulations is contained in this section of the Undergraduate Catalog. The remaining sections of the catalog focus on specific information about the academic units, degree program requirements and courses offered by the various units. Academic units are the colleges, schools and divisions of the University of Louisville.

Students needing to locate office phone numbers should consult the Student Directory available through the University’s homepage on the World-Wide Web at, the Faculty/Staff Directory or the University Operator at (502) 852-5555.

Academic Unit Information

This section provides information on admission standards, matriculation and/or graduation requirements, and probation/dismissal policies for each undergraduate school, college or division of the University. All unit sections contain information on the individual instructional departments which compose that academic unit, a listing of the faculty who have appointments in those departments and a listing of the degree programs offered within each department of the unit.

Degree Program Information

All university undergraduate degree programs are outlined in this section of the catalog and are presented alphabetically by the major. All degree programs in the same major department are grouped together and all minors which have the same name as the major are included in this group.  For example, grouped within the major of Political Science are the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Law and Public Policy, the Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Paralegal Studies, and the minor in Political Science.

Each degree program has a block of helpful information. This block contains the official university codes for the individual degree program. These codes are the two to four character codes for the major, the concentration, the degree and the academic unit which offers the degree.

Course Information

The course information contains the subject area, the course number, the course title, and, in parentheses, the number of credit hours awarded for successful completion of the course.  If the course has any prerequisites or corequisites, that information is also given. Included in “Notes” is information concerning registration restrictions, course cross-listings, previous numbers, when the course is offered if it is not offered every semester, and whether the course is taught in a format other than lecture, such as courses with laboratory or clinical requirements.

Course descriptions are available on the web at, select current students, online services, view course descriptions.

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