Summer 2021 SPHIS Publications

SPHIS alumna, Dr. Tasha Golden, published an article in the Community Mental Health Journal titled, “The State of Music-Based Interventions for Mental Illness: Thought Leaders on Barriers, Opportunities, and the Value of Interdisciplinarity.” Dr. Golden is currently Senior Arts in Health Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she studies impacts of creativity, culture, and environments on well-being, health equity, and research and workplace practices. Read more

Dr. Liza Creel, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Health Management and Systems Sciences, contributed to an article published in BMC Psychiatry titled, “High-level psychotropic polypharmacy: a retrospective comparison of children in foster care to their peers on Medicaid.” The research team explored the use of antipsychotic medication and psychotropic polypharmacy for children from low-income families and those in foster care. Learn more

Kelsey White, doctoral student in the Dept. of Health Management and Systems Sciences, Dr. Ryan Combs, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences (HPBS), and Hallie Decker, HPBS doctoral student, conducted interviews to understand perspectives on professional chaplaincy board certification.  Study results, which was published in the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy, demonstrated divergent views on many aspects of board certification, but revealed that participants predominately respected and valued the process. Learn more

Dr. Qi Zheng, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, contributed to an article recently published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The study examined how using telepractice during speech therapy affected the acoustic characteristics of the provider, the child, and caregiver speech compared to those in conventional in-person intervention. Learn more


"A Framework for Integrating Arts, Science, and Social Justice Into Culturally Responsive Public Health Communication and Innovation Designs" was recently published by a team led by Theo Edmonds, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Health Management and Systems Sciences (HMSS), in collaboration with Hannah Drake and Josh Miller (IDEAS xLab), Nachand Trabue (Bates Community Development Corp.), and Amanda Levinson, JD. Several UofL and SPHIS students/graduates also contributed: Cameron Lister, Sonali S. Salunkhe, Molly O’Keefe,  Sahal Alzahrani, and Kelsey White. The article appeared in the Health Promotion Practice supplement, “Arts in Public Health.” Read more

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