Certificate to MS Course Map

A course map for the Certificate-to-MS pathway that completes the MS degree in the minimum time of 5 semesters is provided below. Some notes:

  • This is only one version of such a course map and there are a handful of other pathways that can be accomplished within 5 semesters as well as pathways that can take longer.
  • The specific Math Tools classes required for provisional admission to the MS is determined by the Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics admissions committee. Most will be required to take all 3. Some may be relieved of Math Tools I and/or II.
  • While there is flexibility in how elective classes are scheduled (talk to an advisor to learn more), the important MS sequence of classes PHST 661 -> PHST 662 -> PHST 683 is a rigid Fall-Spring-Fall sequence and cannot be completed in less than 3 semesters.
  • Nearly all of our courses are offered in a single semester (only Fall or only Spring) and many of the classes have in-program prerequisites. As such, deviations from this course map (or any other) can extend study well beyond the five semesters outlined below.
ProgramSemesterCourse No.Course TitleCredits
CertificateFall 1PHST 680Biostatistical Methods I3
PHST 624Clinical Trials I2
PHST 620Introduction to Statistical Computing3
Semester Total8

CertificateSpring 1PHST 681Biostatistical Methods II3
PHST 625Clinical Trials II2
PHST 684Categorical Data Analysis3
Semester Total8
Certificate Total16

Graduate with the Certificate. The application to graduate with the Certificate AND an application for provisional admission to the MS must be filed in Spring 1!

ProgramSemesterCourse No.Course TitleCredits
MS (Provisional)Summer 1PHST 561Math Tools I1
PHST 562Math Tools II1
PHST 563Math Tools III1
Semester Total3

Students who successfully complete the required Math Tools courses are full admitted to the MS for the Fall 2 term. Students who do not successfully complete the required Math Tools courses do not enter the MS program.

ProgramSemesterCourse No.Course TitleCredits
MSFall 2PHST 661Probability3
PHPH 523Public Health in the US3
Semester Total6

MSSpring 2PHST 662Mathematical Statistics3
ElectiveMS Biostatistics Elective3
Semester Total6

MSFall 3PHST 683Survival Analysis3
ElectiveMS Biostatistics Elective3
Semester Total6
MS Total34

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