Study Abroad in Spanish

There is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to be immersed in a culture that speaks the language you are learning. Students, especially those staying with a host family, are surrounded by the language on a daily basis and are seeing and hearing it in an authentic context.

The Spanish program works with the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel at UofL to offer a diverse and exciting range of study abroad opportunities. Students on pre-approved study abroad programs can satisfy a substantial number of their Spanish major and minor course requirements, as well as other course equivalents in many other departments. Approved programs for Spanish include the Kentucky Institute International Studies (KIIS), International Studies Abroad (ISA), Modern Language Studies Abroad (MLSA) and Sol Education Abroad (SOL).

Opportunities with UofL

Additionally, faculty in Spanish direct two study abroad programs in Spanish. Dr. Regina Roebuck is co-director of the KIIS Spain I summer program in Segovia, Spain, a beautiful city that boasts a 2,000 year old Roman Aqueduct, a  castle straight out of a fairy tale, romanesque and gothic architectures and a wonderful host family to practice your Spanish 24/7. Segovia in June is not to be missed with outdoor concerts, food and festivals.  It is a great opportunity to pick up some of the 300 level courses you'll need for your major or minor. 

Dr. Rhonda Buchanan, Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, directs the Annual Study Abroad Program in Panama. Students stay in a centrally located hotel and may earn up to 6 credit hours, taking courses in Communication, Panamanian Culture (taught in English) and Spanish language at the University of Louisville’s branch campus in Panama City. Planned excursions include visits to the Panama Canal, El Casco Viejo and the Presidential Palace in the colonial part of the city, the Causeway in the Canal Zone, and the Emberá Indigenous Community in the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.

Funding for Study Abroad 

Many students find that living and studying abroad is less expensive than staying in the U.S. Depending on the program you chose and the duration of the program, you'll find that there are many affordable programs from which to choose.

Students currently receiving financial aid or scholarships may be able to apply those funds to their study abroad. You will meet with your Study Abroad advisor to draft out your potential costs and discuss possible financing options. After acceptance to your program, you will meet with a financial aid advisor for more specific advice.

Scholarships for students of Spanish

A number of scholarships are available from to help you finance your study abroad. For more information, see our list of scholarships available.

If you are thinking of going abroad... (Procedures for getting department credit for overseas studies courses)

The Office of Study Abroad and International Travel, located in the International Center, can help you find a program that will allow you to use your financial aid; assist you in finding scholarships; help you receive academic credit; and make sure you do not lose any time towards graduation! Click here for an explanation of the procedures you must follow in order to get approval for the courses you wish to count toward your minor/major in Spanish. 

Students studying in Spanish, regardless of their major, are strongly encouraged to study abroad. See complete listing of programs at the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel.