Roberto Fernández Morales, PhD

Assistant Professor


Dr. Roberto Fernández Morales is an assistant professor and teaches SOC 201, 320, and 323.  Dr. Morales recently graduated with his PhD in sociology from the Ohio State University with a dissertation focused on the influence social media has on the development of young adults’ political identity and political engagement, particularly as it relates to understanding the creation of liberal versus conservative identities.  This young adult population is one which has never known life without social media, which creates an interesting – and untapped – area for sociological research.  Another research pursuit includes white supremacist social movements, specifically as regards their use of music and media as a bridge to non-extremist audiences, and Dr. Morales hopes to better understand the methods, strategies, narratives, and social patterns that drive online radicalization and attract young adults.

Research Areas
Social Media

Teaching Areas
SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 320 Social Theory
SOC 323 Diversity and Inequality

Watch Dr. Morales discussing sociology and its relevance to students today.