Gul Marshall, PhD



Dr. Marshall is a professor of sociology.  She teaches Sociology of Gender, Social Theory, Gender and Social Movements, Gender in the Middle East, and Women: International Perspective.  Her research interests are in the areas of gender, politics, social movements, and social policy.  Her articles on women’s movements and women’s rights in Turkey have been published in journals, such as Gender & Society and Social Politics, as well as in edited volumes.  Dr. Marshall’s current line of research highlights the significance of transnational feminist activism in influencing gender policies both at national and supranational levels.

Research Areas
Social Movements
Social Policy

Teaching Areas
SOC 320 Social Theory

SOC 327 Sociology of Gender
SOC 460 Gender in the Middle East
SOC 635 Sociology of Gender
SOC 735 Classical Theory
SOC 738 Contemporary Theory