Isabella Martin

2021 Boren Scholarship

Isabella Martin

Isabella Martin

Isabella Martin has earned the Boren Scholarship to Tallinn, Estonia, where she plans to study Russian. Boren Scholarships, sponsored by the National Security Education Program, provide undergraduate and graduate students up to $25,000 to study abroad in languages and regions of interest to U.S. national security.

This award is a stepping stone to my future career in federal service and U.S. national security."

Undergraduate Achievements:

Isabella graduated in May 2021 with a bachelor's degree in political science. She was a McConnell Scholar.


Drs. Bethany Smith and Charlie Leonard, who oversee national and international scholarships at UofL; Drs. Julie Bunck and Michael Fowler, political science professors; Dr. Kristopher Grady, associate professor and undergraduate advisor, political science; Kimber Guinn; and Tom Dumstorf, department of classical and modern languages.


Somerset, KY

High School:

Pulaski County High School (2017)


Hunter Blane and Maria Martin, Somerset, KY