Project 15: Design of controlled stress-strain behavior for micro-actuator/sensor used in MEMS (Dr. Li Yang, Industrial Eng & Dr. Xiaojin Wang, MNTC)

Project Description: In this project the student will design, fabricate and evaluate a micro-actuator/sensor structure with single/multi-scale 2D cellular designs in order to understand the relationships between the design, the process and the performance of such 2D structures. These structures possess potentials in MEMS applications in enabling the design of specific mechanical characteristic curves for the systems. The student will use either finite element analysis or solid mechanics modeling to predict the stress-strain response characteristics of the 2D cellular structures, use micro-lithography or similar technologies to fabricate these structures, and perform micro-mechanical testing in order to evaluate the experimental stress-strain responses of the fabricated structures and compare the results with predictions. It is expected that via this research the students will gain in-depth knowledge about the design of mechanical micro-actuator/sensor with controlled sensitivity and scaling characteristics.