University of Louisville Core and Clinical Proteomics Laboratories

  • Individual and high-throughput sample preparation with digestion using a range of proteases.
  • Single to multi-dimensional chromatographic or electrophoretic sample fractionation approaches- native and denatured.
  • Standard peptide-post translation modification enrichment approaches- phosphorylation (TiO2,PhosSelect, antibody), acetylation or ubiquitination (antibody).
  • Relative quantification: label-free and chemical labeling (18O, iTRAQ, TMT, iodoTMT)
  • Parallel reaction monitoring
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry – Orbitrap (QE-HF, ELITE, XL) and Tof (Synapt G2Si) platforms with CID, HCD and ETD fragmentation
  • MS dataset informatics: data-dependent and –independent search strategies (SageN Sequest, SequestHT, Mascot Batch, Progenesis QI); de novo search strategy (PeaksDB); quantification of reaction monitoring data by Skyline; comparative dataset analysis (Scaffold Q+S)

    Proteomic Core and Clinical Laboratories

  • Contact:
  • (ph) 502-852-0245; (f) 502-852-4384
  • Location:
  • Donald Baxter Research Building, Room 102
    570 South Preston St.
    Louisville, KY 40202