University of Louisville Core Proteomics Laboratory

  • Visit the organization websiteRobotic workstationsto automate image analysis, spot excision, in-gel peptide digestion, and MALDI-MS sample preparation
  • Propic gel spot picker that visualizes and excises spots from fluorescence stained gels
  • ProGest station that automates in-gel trypsin digestion in a 96 or 384 well format
  • ProMS robot that automates the desalting, concentrating and spotting of peptide samples onto MALDI targets
  • Micromass, Inc. TOF-Spec 2E
  • Progenesis software significantly decreases analysis time of two-dimensional gels
  • Location:
  • Baxter I Bldg., Room 102, 570 South Preston St., Louisville, KY 40202