Small Grant Development Program

Closed for the remainder of the fiscal year

The Staff/Faculty Professional Development Program is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees in a manner that will improve academic quality and service at the University of Louisville. The President and Provost provide funding for this program. It is a requirement that the Professional Development Program shall not be used to alleviate the current responsibility of units to provide support for staff and faculty professional development. Therefore, a funding model based on cost-sharing for individual awards is described below. The Staff/Faculty Professional Development Committee (the Committee) composed of Staff Senate, Faculty Senate and administrative representatives will review all applications and recommend appropriate levels of funding for proposals that meet the guidelines listed below. The Committee meets monthly. Funding will be processed by the Provost's Office. The program does not support applications for research funding or equipment nor for requests submitted retroactively. Currently only full-time employees may apply to the Staff/Faculty Professional Development Program. The review committee will normally limit the number of applicants from the same unit for a single event to three (3) employees. 
Due to the success of the program and the increased number of requests, the following cost-sharing funding model will be applied to professional development funds awarded after October 1, 2008. The maximum award available for an individual request is $1,000 based on the funding model. Group awards will not exceed $2000. Most projects will be funded at smaller amounts. Employees are encouraged to seek additional funding from units and other sources when necessary.
Maximum award amount for individual requests approved by the Review Committee:

  • Less than $600: Fund 100%
  • $601 - $1200: Fund 66%
  • $1,201 -$2000: Fund 50%

Professional Development Program applications must indicate the account and speed type where approved funds will be transferred.  Full-time faculty and staff may contact the Staff Senate Office, 852-6713 for additional information.
In completing the application form, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Completed applications must be received in the Senate office at least six weeks prior to the actual event for which support is requested. Applications will not be funded retroactively.
  • Proposals may be submitted throughout the year. The committee will budget available funding on a quarterly basis and distribute funding on a monthly basis. Approval on all applications is dependent on available funds.
  • Individual Full-time staff and faculty are eligible to be awarded only one request each fiscal year. Departments or divisions hosting in-house workshops are eligible to be awarded only one request each fiscal year. Priority will be provided to those not previously funded by the program.
  • The applicant must succinctly document the project's anticipated impact on the improvement of academic quality or service at the University of Louisville.
  • Applicants are required to seek cost-effective travel arrangements in accordance with the university’s travel guidelines.  Travel requests are restricted to the continental United States. All travel will be reviewed by the committee for cost effectiveness.
  • The Review Committee, primarily funds travel, registration/course fees and hotel expenses, but does not fund per diem, rental cars, airport shuttles, food for workshops, equipment, certification exams, instructional supplies, requests for research funding or college tuition or associated books. Non-funded items may be covered by cost-sharing arrangements.  Specific items not addressed will be considered at discretion of the Review Committee.
  • A detailed budget is required. Please verify all costs by attaching documentation of expenses. Non- University personnel may be offered honoraria not to exceed $1,000 from these funds.
  • The application must indicate account number and speed type to be charged for the event.
  • Within 60 days of project completion, a brief report detailing the activity and benefits of the professional development project is to be submitted to the Committee. The report is required for future eligibility in the program. The report will become part of our permanent University Archives and may be publicized within the university community.

NOTE: Uses of Professional Development funds are subject to University audit.


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