2021 - 2022

Dr. Lori Gonzalez, President and Chair
Prof. Claudia Angeli (Faculty - elected)
Prof. Eric Berson (Faculty - elected)
Prof. Jeremy Clark (Faculty - elected)
Prof. Meg Hancock (Faculty - appointed)
Prof. Carolyn Klinge (Faculty - elected)
Prof. Eugene Mueller (Faculty - appointed)
Prof. Whitney Nash (Faculty - elected)
Prof. Karen Turner (Faculty - elected)
Prof. Krista Wallace-Boaz(FAR to NCAA)
Dr. T. Gerard Bradley (Administrator)

Shannon Rickett (Administrator)

Mark Watkins (Administrator)
Dr. Amy Lingo (Administrator)
Lee Gill (Vice-President)
Dan Durbin (Vice-President)
Andrew Grubb (Staff)
Sydney Finley (Student)
Ugonna Okorie (Student)
James Rogers (Trustee)
Sherrill Zimmerman (Trustee)

Dr. Larry Benz (At-Large)

Ryan Bridgeman (At-Large)

Dennis Heishman (At-Large)

Steve Jones (At-Large)

Tom Meeker (At-Large)

Sam Rechter (At-Large)

Gayle Saunders (At-Large)

Dr. Ron Wright (At-Large)


The governance of the Corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors composed of:

  • Nine members of the faculty - including the Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA (FAR) - to be appointed by the President, six of whom are elected from the Faculty Assembly, and two appointed by the President from a slate of at least three nominees for each seat provided by the Faculty Senate;
  • Four administrators appointed by the President;
  • Two trustees, appointed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees for one year terms;
  • Two full-time members of the University of Louisville student body, to be appointment for terms of one year by the President of the University from the nominations provided by the UofL Student Government Association;
  • One full-time staff member, to be appointed by the President for a one-year term from the nomination provided by the UofL Staff Senate;
  • Eight persons at-large, appointed by the President from a slate of nominees provided by individuals and interested groups; and
  • The President and two Vice Presidents.