Course Descriptions

101 Legal Systems and the Paralegal (3)

Examination of judicial systems and procedures, and responsibilities of paralegals in those systems.

102 Legal Research and Writing (3)

Legal library system, research methods, case law analysis.  Includes research and writing assignments.

203 Advanced Legal Research and Writing (3 credit hours)

Performing sophisticated research and drafting complex legal documents.  (Formerly 103)

305 Family Law (3 credit hours)

Procedural aspects of marriage, divorce, separation, child support, custody, guardianship and maintenance law. (Formerly called Domestic Relations)

310 Torts for Paralegals (3 credit hours)

Medical malpractice, products liability, and personal injury law for the paralegal.

320 Computers and the Law (3 credit hours)

A practical introduction to the use of computers in the legal environment, with concentration on various computer applications for the legal professional and computerized legal research.

325 Litigation (3 credit hours)

Introduction to civil litigation, fact investigation, discovery techniques, interviewing, evidence, commencement of lawsuits and case management.

326 Criminal Litigation (3 credit hours)

Advanced training in trial preparation and conduct, and post trial motions and appeals.

340 Business Association and Transactions (3 credit hours)

Legal problems associated with transactions relating to proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.

350 Wills, Estates, and Trusts (3 credit hours)

Will writing, probate, tax preparation, asset management and distribution, estate planning and drafting, trust agreements and record keeping.

360 Consumer Law (3 credit hours)

Survey of consumer law, ie, truth-in-lending, credit opportunity, reporting and charges, warranties and product liability.

370 Real Estate Law for Paralegals (3 credit hours)

Introduction to real property, title holding and abstracting, recording statutes, deeds, mortgages, settlements, and closings.

390 Paralegal Internship (3 credit hours)

One hundred and forty hours of supervised practical experience in a legal setting.

391 Topics in Paralegal Studies (3 credit hours)

Other legal topics taught as the need arises.  Topic to be announced in Schedule of Courses. (Contracts UCC, Environmental Law, Healthcare Law)

399 Professional Ethics for Paralegals (1 credit hours)

A study of ethical issues for paralegals, with an emphasis on situations arising in the internship/work environment.