Benne Holwerda

Professor of Physics


Research Interests

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics

Current Research

My research plans focus on a few broad questions: how does starlight travel through a galaxy? How do galaxies get and use fuel for new stars? How do galaxies evolve and how is that encoded in their appearance, size and populations of stars? Galaxies are at the same time the most ubiquitous test particle in the Universe and the location where most of the starlight is produced. How they evolve as a population since their formation is therefore a central question for Astronomy in the coming decades. But to answer how they evolve questions such as how dust affects the observed light or where they source the gas for star-formation need to be answered.My research interests are in dealing with the structure and evolution of galaxies with three general themes: (1) the transmission of light through a spiral galaxy (distant galaxy counts, occulting galaxy pairs and SED models), (2) galaxy morphology (vertical and quantified morphology), and (3) galaxy evolution, e.g., visible in morphology or a census of gas at z=1.