Christine Wieseler

Assistant Professor (Term)


Dr. Wieseler’s research areas include biomedical ethics, feminist philosophy, phenomenology, and philosophy of disability. She is interested in the role of embodiment in all of these areas. She is also concerned with best practices in philosophical pedagogy.

Wieseler has published multiple articles on topics related to feminist approaches to bioethics and disability in journals including Social Philosophy Today and AAPT Studies in Pedagogy. Her article, “Missing Phenomenological Accounts: Disability Theory, Body Integrity Identity Disorder, and Being an Amputee” is forthcoming in IJFAB: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, edited by Lauren Freeman. Wieseler’s chapter “Challenging Conceptions of the ‘Normal’ Subject in Phenomenology” is forthcoming in an anthology entitled Race as Phenomena: Between Phenomenology and Philosophy of Race published by Rowman and Littlefield. For more details on her publications as well as teaching experience see

Wieseler was recently interviewed by Shelley Tremain for the blog Dialogues on Disability