Graduate Certificates and Endorsements

University of Louisville Online Learning offers Graduate Certificates and Teaching Endorsements for professionals who need to expand their skills and knowledge beyond their bachelor's degree:

Why earn a certificate?

With the advent of technology, the fast pace of advancement and the high demand for knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals, rigorous education focused on specific technology is a must.

A post-bachelor's certificate helps professionals take their expertise to the next level and add valuable credentials to their current position, thus preparing them for career advancements, pay increase and other professional and personal achievements. The graduate certificate allows them to focus and specialize in a certain subject and develop professionally faster. A graduate certificate is also the perfect stepping stone from a bachelor's degree to a master's degree.

Why earn an endorsement?

The teaching endorsements are programs designed to broaden the expertise and knowledge base of educators are various levels, while adding valuable credentials through certifications to a teaching license.

The teaching and learning environments of the 21st century often require teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge, through endorsements and certifications. These programs aim to properly prepare teachers to address various challenges in their classrooms and to develop, research or adopt effective methodologies that enable students to tap into their abilities and fulfill their potential.

Endorsements include graduate courses that may be counted toward a Master’s degree or Rank I program. The endorsements are offered completely online and can be completed as standalone programs or as part of a Master’s degree or a Rank I program.

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