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For details regarding the federal employee tuition scholarship and questions on program availability, start dates, application requirements and deadlines, complete the form and your designated enrollment counselor will be in touch to help you get started in taking the next step in your education.

*Excludes uniform members of the Department of Defense. Government Contractors are not eligible.

**Federal employees remain eligible for the duration of their academic program as long as they remain employed by the federal government.

***Discount applies to UofL's online bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and certificate programs and does not apply to traditional UofL on-site programs.

  • Online Programs
    • Online Bachelor's Degrees
      • Business Administration (BBA)
      • Business Administration in Accountancy (BS)
      • Communication (BA/BS)
      • Criminal Justice (BS)
      • General Studies (BS)
      • Nursing (RN-BSN)
      • Organizational Leadership and Learning (BS)
        • Leadership, Training, and Organizational Development track
        • Healthcare Leadership track
        • Project Management for the Modern Workforce track
        • Digital Leadership/IT track
        • Diversity, Inclusion, Community Engagement, Equity
        • Human Resource Development track
        • Counseling and Human Relations track
        • Early Childhood Education track
        • Career and Technical Education track
      • Political Science (BA)
      • Psychology (BS)
      • Social Work (BSW)
      • Sociology (BA/BS)
      • Sport Administration (BS)
      • Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies (BA)
    • Online Master's Degrees
      • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (MS)
      • Biostatistics (MS)*
      • Business Administration (MBA)*
      • Civil Engineering (MS)*
      • Computer Science (MS)*
      • Criminal Justice (MS)*
      • Electrical Engineering (MS)
      • Engineering Management (MEng.)*
      • Epidemiology (MS)
      • Health Administration (MS)*
      • Health Data Analytics (MS)
      • Health Professions Education (MS)*
      • Higher Education Administration (MA) - with concentrations*
      • Human Resources and Organization Development (MS) - with concentrations*
      • Industrial Engineering (MS)*
      • Materials and Energy Science & Engineering (MS)*
      • Social Work (MS) - with specializations*
      • Special Education (MEd) - with concentrations**
      • Sport Administration (MS)
      • Teaching and Learning (MEd) - with endorsements and concentrations*
      • Teaching (MAT) - Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (Alternate Certification)
      • Teaching (MAT or MEd) - Special Education (Alternate Certification)
        • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Applied Behavior Analysis
        • Moderate to Severe Disabilities
        • Learning and Behavior Disorders

      *No GRE/GMAT required

      **The MEd in Special Education may only require a GRE score if a prospective student has an undergraduate GPA below 2.75. Please email regarding minimum score requirements.

    • Online Doctoral Degrees
      • Social Work (DSW)
    • Online Certificates

      Undergraduate Certificates

      • Accounting
      • Applied Geospatial Technologies
      • Climate, Equity and Opportunity in the Workplace
      • Healthcare Leadership
      • Human Resource Leadership

      Graduate Certificates✝

      • African American Theatre
      • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
      • Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis
      • Biostatistics
      • Business of Healthcare
      • Cybersecurity
      • Data Science
      • Distilled Spirits Business
      • Engineering Logistics
      • Family Business Management & Advising
      • Franchise Management
      • Health Professions Education
      • Healthcare Systems Engineering
      • Healthcare Financial Management
      • Healthcare Management
      • Healthcare Quality and Project Management
      • Horse Racing Industry Business
      • Managerial Analytics
      • Organizational Change in Higher Education
      • Population Health Management
      • Public Health Training
      • Six Sigma
      • Structural Engineering
      • Teaching English as an International Language
      • Transportation Engineering

      Bachelor’s degree required for admission

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How much is tuition for an online course?

      For the current academic year, the tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate online courses can be found here.

    • What UofL Online programs qualify for the Federal Academic Alliance 10% scholarship?

      All of UofL’s Online programs (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Certificate) qualify for the Federal Academic Alliance 10% scholarship.

    • What documentation do I provide to validate that I am a Federal employee?

      Applicants for an FAA scholarship must submit a valid Leave and Earning Statement (LES) from their Federal employer for each term of enrollment, as proof of their eligibility to receive the 10% tuition scholarship. Please redact (black out) all sections of the LES except: name, pay date and name of employer. Please send LES to UofL’s Financial Aid’s office service account When sending LES please indicate the term you are enrolling for (Fall, Spring or Summer).

    • Are my dependents eligible for the 10% tuition scholarship?

      At this time the scholarship is only available to Federal employees.

    • How much are the application fees?

      UofL’s Undergraduate application fee is $25 and Graduate application fee is $65.

    • What is financial aid and where can I go to learn about it?

      The Federal government and Department of Education maintain a comprehensive financial aid website. We encourage you to visit this site to learn more about financing your online program.

    • How do I apply for financial aid?

      To apply for most financial aid programs you need to complete the FAFSA. You can complete the FAFSA online at: The school code for the University of Louisville is: 001999.

    • I am a contractor for the Federal government, do I qualify for the tuition scholarship?

      No, only employees of the Federal government qualify for the tuition scholarship.

    • Do I still qualify for the tuition scholarship if I am no longer a Federal employee?

      No, only current employees of the Federal government qualify for the scholarship.

    • Can I receive credit for courses completed at another institution?

      Undergraduate: Students may transfer up to 60 hours from a regionally accredited community college and up to 90 hours from a regionally accredited 4-year college.

      Graduate: Earned graduate credit may be transferred from regionally accredited institutions that offer advanced degrees. Generally, the maximum number of semester hours transferable, upon request, is six.

    • How does the transfer process work?

      You may transfer credit to UofL from any regionally accredited institution. You will submit transcripts from all institutions you attended as part of the admissions process. Upon review, some or all credit may be applied to your degree program. To get an idea of how many Undergraduate credits you'll be able to transfer toward your UofL bachelor's degree, complete the credit transfer pre-evaluation.

      For additional information about transferring Undergraduate credit see UofL’s Transfer Credit Policy.

    • What are the benefits of UofL Online Learning?

      UofL’s online learning is a convenient and flexible way to gain a top-quality college education as a current or future professional, working parent or someone with multiple priorities. Rather than gathering into a classroom or meeting at a set time, you are able to fit education into your busy schedule and complete coursework at the time that’s right for you, from anywhere in the world.

      At UofL, we pride ourselves on delivering the same quality and excellence in education online as we do through on-campus programs. Also, if you choose to earn a degree at the University of Louisville, your diploma and transcripts will read the same as if you completed the program on-campus.