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Track Options

  1. Leadership, Training and Organizational Development—This track is designed for professionals seeking to develop skills in leadership and knowledge development for improving organizational and employee effectiveness related to productivity, work satisfaction, morale and/or quality of work life.
  2. Healthcare Leadership—This track is designed to help you further enhance your skills in leadership, organizational change, workplace development and performance and attain higher-level positions in your organization. Choose either flex option or term option enrollment.
  3. Project Management for the Modern Workforce—This track is designed for business professionals who want well-rounded skills in managing a multitude of projects in any industry and those who seek a pathway to a project management role or career, by expanding their expertise in effective response to organizational change in areas of technology, logistics, personnel management and more.
  4. Digital Leadership/IT—This track is for business professionals who are seeking to develop their leadership skills - organizational and employee effectiveness, work morale, and more - while also expanding their broad-based technology knowledge with the opportunity for micro-credentials.
  5. Diversity, Inclusion, Community Engagement, Equity—This track is designed for professionals across all industries, seeking to pioneer and efficiently implement diversity, equity, inclusion, and community engagement efforts in the workplace.
  6. Human Resource Development—This track is specifically designed for business professionals who would like to start or advance their career in the Human Resource field and advance fundamental HR knowledge as well as the analytical and strategical skills necessary for the modern HR role.
  7. Counseling and Human Relations—This track is designed to provide knowledge in human and organizational behavior for HR professionals in various organizations, government institutions, universities and the military field.
  8. Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education—This track is designed to prepare early childcare professionals to deliver high-quality, effective and diverse education to young learners in Pre-K classrooms.
  9. Career and Technical Education—This track is designed for professionals who want to receive a Rank II qualification or aim to become state certified in order to maintain their teaching position in a career or technical education school.
Military Friendly 2023-24
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Program Highlights

  • Increase your earning potential and career opportunities.
  • Enhance your job skills and expertise with advanced applied knowledge
  • Fit education in your busy lifestyle with our flexible course schedule—all delivered 100% online in an asynchronous format (anytime, anywhere).
  • Learn from faculty with distinguished academic credentials, industry experience and a strong commitment to applied research.
  • Take advantage of tuition discount for active-duty, Coast Guard and qualifying members of the National Guard and Reserves.

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