Jeffrey Metzmeier

Visiting Assistant Professor


Jeffrey Metzmeier recently joined the faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law in the Ackerson Law Clinic.

Metzmeier graduated U of L with a BA in Political Science in 1990. Graduated from (then) U of L, School of Law 1993. Has been a public interest practicing lawyer for the 30 years since graduating law school, with 20 years’ experience as a domestic violence prosecutor with the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, 10 years civil legal experience (7 years with two separate legal services organizations, 2 years with the KY Commission on Human Rights, and 1 working with the Ackerson Law Clinic). 

Metzmeierhas an expertise in domestic violence litigation (criminal and civil), landlord-tenant law (assisting tenants in preserving their housing), and in representing low-income individuals in accessing or preserving public benefits.