Professor of French (Emerita)


Wendy Pfeffer holds a PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. She is professor emerita of French, recognized by the French government as an officer in France’s Order of Arts and Letters. Prior to coming to UofL, she held a Killam Fellowship at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has also been the recipient of two Fulbright Research Fellowships, for work conducted in Toulouse, France (2011) and in Tours, France (2018).

Her most recent research focuses on medieval Occitan literature and food in Renaissance France; she has just completed a new edition and translation of the Occitan verse romance, Blandin of Cornwall, Blandin de Cornualha.

While at the University of Louisville, she taught graduate seminars on contemporary French culture and on medieval literature; at the undergraduate level, she taught French composition and other courses in the major.

She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2021, a two-day synposium in honor of Professor Pfeffer was held at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, supported by HWS, the Société Guilhem IX, and Pfeffer’s colleagues and friends.