Assistant Professor of German


Dr. Lucian Rothe is an Assistant Professor of German at the University of Louisville. He joined the Department of Classical and Modern Languages in August 2020. As a native of Germany, Dr. Rothe grew up in the Harz Mountains. He studied at the Philipps University of Marburg to become a teacher at German secondary schools (for English, German as a second/foreign language, and history). Prof. Rothe received an M.A. in German Language and Literature from the University of Missouri—Columbia. He completed his Ph.D. in German, with a Ph.D. Minor in Second Language Acquisition, at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Dr. Rothe’s dissertation investigated how beginning learners of German described qualities and stereotypical attributions of native speakers and teachers of German.  

Prof. Rothe’s research interests include language teacher and learner identities, stereotypical attributions in the context of language learning, perceptions of language (classroom) communities, as well as languages and career planning. 

Since 2011, Dr. Rothe has taught a variety of courses in Germany and the United States, served as mentor for graduate teaching assistants in foreign languages, and was a fellow of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Additionally, he worked for the University of Wisconsin Collaborative Language Program to support online- and hybrid-course offerings and improve state-wide collaborations between smaller language programs. In his position at UofL, he collaborates with students, educators, and scholars from within the university and beyond (e.g., American Association of Teachers of German) to make the study of German a more diverse, inclusive, and socially just teaching, research, and learning environment.  

Courses Taught:

-        1st-semester German

-        2nd-semester German

-        3rd-semester German 

-        4th-semester German

-        Topic seminars for 2nd-year German:

° Witches, Wolves, and Wanderlust: Der Harz—Germany’s Northernmost Mountain Range

° Mord am Sonntagabend: Der Tatort (Crime Scene)

° Living Behind the Iron Curtain: Leben in der DDR

-        A Cultural History of West Germany in the 1960/70s