Maryam Moazzen

Associate Professor of Comparative Humanities and Director of Undergraduate Studies


Teaching Areas

  • Modern and Pre-modern Islamic Thought
  • Islamic Mysticism (Sufism)
  • Women, Gender in Muslim Societies
  • Introduction to the Qur'an
  • Religion and Culture
  • Modern and Classical Literature of the Middle East

Research Interests

  • Islamic Intellectual History
  • Shi‘ism
  • Sufism
  • Persian Literature

Current Research

Prof. Moazzen is currently working on her second book-length project, which is tentatively entitled “Contesting Intellectual Modernity: Religious Higher Learning in the Qajar Iran.” It furthers her research on Shi‘i educational institutions and religious authorities by examining the problems and possibilities that modernity raised for Islamic higher learning in Qajar Iran (1785-1925). Additionally she is working on the articles “Ḥawza” [Hawza], Kashani Muhsin Fayd, Muhammad Amin Astarabadi and Muhammad Tahir Shirazi Qummi for the Encyclopaedia of Islam, (edition) THREE. She is also working on Ali Naqi Kamarahi's manuscript, Himam al-thawaqib, which upon her critical edition of the manuscript as well as her substantial introduction on Kamarahi and the significance of his book within the genre of advice literature will be submitted for publication.