Ann C. Hall

Professor of Comparative Humanities


Ann C. Hall is a Professor of Comparative Humanities. She has published A Kind of Alaska: Women in the Plays of O’Neill, Pinter, and Shepard and Phantom Variations: The Adaptations of Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera, 1925-present. She has edited Making the Stage: Essays on the Changing Concept of Theatre, Drama, and Performance and Delights, Desires, and Dilemmas: Essays on Women and the Media. She has co-edited Mommy Angst: Motherhood in Popular Culture and Pop Porn: Pornography in American Culture. She has published over 40 scholarly essays, and a dozen plays and other creative pieces. She worked as an education director and dramaturg for a theatre company in Columbus, Ohio where she wrote dozens of study guides and production notes. She is currently co-editing a collection of essays on ghosts in drama. She edits The Harold Pinter Review and a theatre series for Palgrave-MacMillan. She is the president of the International Harold Pinter Society and past president of the Midwest Modern Language Association. 

She is passionate about the humanities, film, the arts, teaching, and performance. She teaches courses in film, modern drama, and interdisciplinary humanities. She has taught composition, advanced composition, business writing, playwriting, Russian literature, Latin American literature, Victorian novels, Shakespeare, and literary theory. She has taught in juvenile detention centers, high schools, universities, senior citizen centers, and online. Her favorite Shakespeare passage? “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."