Simona Bertacco



Simona Bertacco is Professor of Postcolonial and Translation Studies in the Department of Comparative Humanities. She is an affiliate member of the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a member of CODRE, UofL’s Commission on Diversity and Racial Equity. Bertacco began her academic career at the University of Milan, in Italy, and joined the University of Louisville in 2011.

Her research focuses on Anglophone postcolonial literatures, women’s translingual writing, and on the effects of translation on postcolonial literatures. In particular, she is interested in the ways in which language and translation are used in the postcolonial literary text and in the new forms of readerly participation that postcolonial literatures have created.

Teaching Areas

Bertacco offers a range of interdisciplinary courses that bring literary, visual, and theoretical texts into critical dialogue within a comparative and global perspective. Most of her courses are cross-listed between the Departments of Comparative Humanities and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She has team-taught in the Humanities PhD core courses (HUM 660. Introduction to the Global Humanities and HUM 663. Global Perspectives on Arts and Culture).

Recent Courses

  • HUM 331/WGST 303. Humanities and Gender
  • HUM 672/WGST 692. The Global Human
  • HUM 596. Perspectives on Modern Global Culture (Global Mobilities)
  • HUM 322. Modern Fiction (focus on global contemporary fiction)