Yuxin Ma

Professor of East Asian History


Yuxin Ma received her Ph. D in History from the University of Minnesota in 2003. Dr. Ma specializes in Modern Chinese history and offers survey courses in late imperial China, modern China and modern Japan. She also teaches specialized courses on East Asian women’s history and Japanese Imperialism. 

Dr. Ma has published two books, Colonial Tactics and Everyday Life: Film Workers at Manchuria Film Association (University of Wisconsin Press, 2023), and Women Journalism and Feminism in China, 1898-1937 (Cambria Press, 2010). Colonial Tactics and Everyday Life focuses on the daily lives and quotidian environments of Chinese actors, directors, technicians, screenwriters and film critics who worked under the auspices of the Manchurian Film Association controlled by the Japanese. Women Journalism and Feminism in China examines how women journalists constructed Chinese feminism and debated patriarchy and women’s roles in the newly created public space of print media. Dr. Ma has also published more than a dozen articles and book chapters on topics of women’s history and film history. 

Dr. Ma is researching on the changes of sport culture and women athletes in contemporary China. She is the Editor-in-Chief of American Review of China Studies