Yuxin Ma

Associate Professor


Yuxin Ma is an Associate Professor of East Asian history. Her specialties are late imperial and Republican China and Chinese women’s history.

Currently Ma studies the lives, screen performances, and media reports of Man’ei actresses, and explores the intersections between gender, Japanese imperialism and culture modernity in Manchukuo.

Ma has taught courses on Traditional China, Modern China, Modern Japan and East Asian Women’s History.

Yuxin Ma’s research interest is women’s history in modern China. Her monograph Women Journalists and Feminism in China1898-1937 (Cambria, 2010) explores how women journalists broke down the gender segregation in the public sphere and produces historical accounts of the social changes around them and in their own lives.

The book argues that women journalists participated in national politics and in creating public opinion and new gender norms, by criticizing social prejudices, male chauvinism and a legal system that violated women’s rights. The book brings the diverse Chinese feminist voices to a wider audience.