Christine T. Ehrick



Christine Ehrick is a historian of Latin America with an interest in gender, radio and sound.

Her second book, Radio and the Gendered Soundscape: Women and Broadcasting in Argentina and Uruguay, 1930-1950, was published in 2015 by Cambridge University Press. A history of women’s voices on the radio in two of South America’s most important early radio markets, this book explores what it meant to hear female voices on the radio, and asks readers to consider gender in its aural and sonic dimensions. A Spanish translation of this book, which will be published in Argentina, is in progress.

Additional recent publications include a study of gender and film comedy in Argentina, surveys of radio archives in Latin America, and the use of radio archives in the classroom. Works in progress include a study of women and U.S. radio propaganda in Latin America during World War II, and the history of Uruguayan “border blaster” station Radio Colonia.

After having served for a few years as the Communications Director of the Library of Congress-affiliated Radio Preservation Task Force, in 2019 she became the group’s Transnational Director, charged with establishing and maintaining connections with sound archives and related preservation projects in Latin America and Europe. Professor Ehrick teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses in Latin American history and the History of Mass Media, and welcomes the opportunity to work with graduate students interested in Modern Latin America, women’s and gender history, and the history of mass media and sound.