Rebecca Devlin

faculty member


I will complete my doctorate in History from the University of Florida in August, where I also was the instructor for courses on the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and world Christianity. While pursuing my Masters in History at San Francisco State University, I taught filmmaking, newswriting and Spanish to middle and high school students. My research examines the social, political and cultural transformations associated with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, expansion of Christianity and emergence of medieval society. In particular, I employ an interdisciplinary approach to study the increasing role bishops and the church played in society after the conversion of the emperor Constantine. My geographic focus is the Iberian Peninsula and I have participated in archaeological excavations of Roman and medieval sites in Portugal. I currently am working on an article about bishops and their slaves and freedmen in Visigothic Spain and hope to complete the historically based screenplay set in Kentucky that I started when I lived in Lexington. I am excited by the opportunity to return to Kentucky and am looking forward to meeting and working with the faculty, staff and students at the University of Louisville.