Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts

Major: TA
Degree Awarded: MFA
Unit: GA
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Program Information

The Department of Theatre Arts offers a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in Acting/Performance. A Graduate Certificate in African American Theatre is also offered. The department fosters creativity, collaboration, discipline, and artistry. It embraces the theatre as a means of creative expression, cultural understanding, and social development. The African American Theatre Program, founded in 1993, is integral to the department. All students are exposed to the diversity of multicultural theatre.


Prerequisites for admission to the MFA program are a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and admission to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. The department requires that applicants submit a resume of theatrical experience accompany the application.

Unconditional admission requires completion of basic undergraduate course work in each of the following areas: theatre history, dramatic literature, design/technical theatre, acting/directing. To accomplish this purpose, students may be required to take preparatory courses not to be counted toward the degree.  Applicants must take the Graduate Record Examination prior to beginning graduate studies.

Applicants for admission to the MFA program must demonstrate theatrical skill which indicates their potential for excellence: students planning to concentrate on Acting/Performance must audition in person (no videotaped auditions are accepted). Students are also interviewed to determine their level of preparation and commitment.

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in African American Theatre requires a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and admission to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. Applicants to this program must interview with the Director of Graduate Studies.


Requirements for the MFA in Acting/Performance

Students pursuing the MFA in acting must complete 72 semester hours of graduate work. The three-year curriculum consists of the following courses:  Please observe that the sequence of graduate movement and voice classes, as well as the theory sequence, alternates years.

Academic policies

Some candidates may enter the program with insufficient knowledge in basic areas that may be important to their future success in the program. These students will be required by their Graduate Advisory Committee to complete additional courses.  Students who enter without sufficient knowledge of Theatre History are must take 6 credits of Theatre History during their residence.

Performance/Production Project Requirements

All students enrolled in the MFA program are expected to be active in performance or production projects during each semester in which they are enrolled. TA 625 (Performance Project) provides a mechanism for implementing this expectation and for assessing the quality of the projects undertaken. The number of credits granted for TA 624/625 varies depending on the student’s year of study.


Garry Brown
Associate Professor
Department Vice-Chair

Production Manager

Nefertiti Burton


Jennifer Calvano

Assistant Professor of Acting and Movement

Kevin Gawley
Assistant Professor

Resident Scenic and Lighting Designer

Zhanna Goldentul
Assistant professor

Resident Costume Designer

Rachel Hilmer

Assistant Professor of Acting and Voice

Johnnie Jones

Assistant Professor

Baron Kelly
Associate Professor

Head of Acting

Janna Segal

Assistant Professor of Theatre History, Literature and Criticism

Russell J. Vandenbroucke