Master of Arts in French, Language and Literature

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Degree Awarded: MA
Unit: GA
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Program Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the master of arts in French, language and literature is to provide students who would like to explore professional opportunities in teaching, translation, international affairs, etc. or pursue their studies at the doctoral level, with an in-depth knowledge of the French language as well as French and francophone cultures as part of a multidisciplinary approach to French studies grounded in literature, linguistics, cultural studies and media studies.

Program Information

The master of arts in French, language and literature requires 30 hours of academic work at the graduate level.

  • It is possible to complete this program as part of a joint B.A/M.A. program in French.
  • Students may consult with the director of graduate studies in French to take courses in place of the required courses listed below.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 24 hours at the University of Louisville.
  • It is recommended that students take French 611 during their first semester in the program and French 699 during their last semester in the program.
  • As part of their graduate program, students are required to spend at least one month in a French-speaking country, which they traditionally do during the summer between their first and second years. Modern Language Fund grants are available to assist students with the cost of their trip. Students can fulfill the requirement by participating in the long-standing summer work-exchange program the University of Louisville has with the city of Montpellier, France. After consultation with the director of graduate studies in French, it may be possible to find an appropriate substitution for this requirement.

Admission Procedures

Admission is on a rotating basis. Students must submit the following: graduate admission application and application fee, transcripts from all colleges/universities where undergraduate and/or graduate credit was earned, and two letters of recommendation. GRE exam scores are NOT required for admission into the master of arts in French, language and literature. However, GRE scores are required for students seeking UofL funding for their studies.

Students may begin the program in fall (preferably), spring or summer.


Students are required to take the following two courses:

Course #DescriptionCredit Hours
FREN 611Teaching and Research Methods in French3
FREN 699Final Research Project3

In addition to 611 and 699, students will take a minimum of eight (8) courses when choosing the non-thesis option and a minimum of six (6) courses when choosing the thesis option with at least one course from each of the rubrics below. Students choosing the thesis option must complete between three and six (3-6) hours of thesis credit (French 690).

Course #DescriptionCredit Hours
Language skills3
FREN 600Advanced Stylistics (3 credits)
FREN 523Adv Communication Skills (if appropriate)
Approved Elective**
FREN 522French Phonetics and Diction
FREN 524Theory and Practice of Translation
FREN 601Studies in French Linguistics
Approved Elective**
FREN 531Special Topics in Literature and Cultural Studies
FREN 552French Work - Exchange Research *
FREN 602Studies in French Culture
Approved Elective**
FREN 603Studies in French Media
Approved Elective**
FREN 531Special Topics in Literature and Cultural Studies
FREN 604Studies in French Literature
Approved Elective**
* Alternate study-abroad program as approved by the graduate director

** FREN 531, 561, 562, 670, and 680 are course numbers used for electives in the French program

With permission of the director of graduate studies, students may complete the degree with appropriate course work in other disciplines.

Accelerated B.A./M.A. Program

Students who wish to pursue an accelerated non-thesis master’s degree will be allowed to apply up to nine (9) hours of undergraduate coursework taken for graduate credit. An additional twenty-one (21) hours of graduate coursework taken in addition will constitute the minimum number of credit hours for obtaining the non-thesis master’s in the accelerated program. The guidelines for this combined program are as follows:

  1. Prior to applying for admission into the program, students must consult with the French undergraduate advisor and the director of graduate studies in French. They will then submit their application through the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies. It is strongly recommended that at least one of the supporting letters submitted with the application be from a French faculty member.
  2. Students must (a) apply for admission to this program no later than the end of the junior year (a total of 90 degree applicable hours) and, (b) must have completed FREN 320, 321, 322 with grades of “B” or better.
  3. Application will be reviewed by the French faculty. A 3.35 overall grade point average will be required for admission to the program.
  4. Students may take a maximum of nine (9) hours for graduate credit, which will also apply to the requirements for the baccalaureate degree in French. The nine hours must be from the following list: FREN 523, 524, 531, and 552.
  5. Students who enroll in the accelerated program will be non-thesis students and must adhere to all policies pertaining to graduate students in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages.


Matthieu Dalle

Associate Professor

Bonnie Fonseca-Greber

Associate Professor

John Greene


Mary Greenwood

Term Instructor

Wendy Pfeffer


Wendy Yoder

Associate Professor, Term