William Scott Gunter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography and Geosciences


Dr. Scott Gunter completed his graduate studies at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, where he specialized in radar and in situ observations of severe storms, the planetary boundary layer and the complex flows found in wind farms. Gunter plans to continue this line of research at the University of Louisville. Dr. Gunter’s current projects include using wind profiling lidars to measure severe thunderstorm winds, analyzing thunderstorms in radar data, and building severe wind climatologies from meteorological mesonet datasets. Gunter hopes the latter will lead to more effective severe thunderstorm warnings. Dr. Gunter is also looking at the representation of boundary layer (near-surface) structures in radar data, such as rolls, streaks, and dust devils. In addition to developing a research program based on field observations and radar data, Dr. Gunter will play an active role in teaching upper division meteorology courses in support of the new Meteorology Track within the Department. At UofL, Gunter’s courses include Physical Meteorology, Synoptic Meteorology, Intro to Weather and Climate, and Climate Science. Down the road, Dr. Gunter hopes to develop a meteorological instrumentation course where students can take instruments into the field, collect, and analyze their own data. Besides weather, Dr. Gunter loves his (many) animals, reading, movie scores, and generally being outside.

Research Interests:
Meteorology, Remote Sensing of Wind, Meteorological Measurements, Severe Storms, Wind Hazards, Boundary Layer Processes.

Introduction to Weather and Climate
Physical Meteorology
Synoptic Meteorology