Wei Song, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Chair of Geography and Geosciences


Research Interests
Urban Economic Geography

Transportation and Accessibility

Crime Mapping and Analysis

Spatial Analysis and Modeling
GIS & 
Urban Dynamics in China

GEOG 200 Power of Place
GEOG 308 Geography of China
GEOG 327 Economic Geography
GEOG 356 Introduction to Spatial Statistics
GEOG 530 Transportation Geography
GEOG 536 Sustainable Transportation
GEOG 656 Advanced Spatial Statistics

Urbanization and Spatial Dynamics in China
Safety in the Development of Large Cities in China – An Applied Geography Study
China’s Urban and Regional Structure from the Perspective of Space of Flows

Grad Students Mentored
Craig Barham
Daqian Liu
Pingjun Sun
Zhimin Liu
Shuju Hu