Margath Walker, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography and Geosciences


Research Interests
Latin America
Qualitative Methods,
Social Theory
Herbert Marcuse

GEOG 600 History and Philosophy of Geography
GEOG 660 Qualitative Methods
GEOG 510 Global South Urbanism
GEOG 390 Geopolitics

External funding/Current Projects
One of my current projects investigates the geographies of border and immigration enforcement under Operation Lone Star in south and west Texas. Its primary aim is to study the economic, cultural, political, and social impact of expenditures in remote border areas. 

Grad students mentored (with thesis titles)

Lindsey Connors, School of Urban and Public Affairs, PhD Advisor, “Land Tenure and the Urban Institutional Politics of Sustainability: How Sustainability “Lands” in the Relationships Between Global North and Global South Contexts” 

Jake Mace, School of Urban and Public Affairs, PhD Advisor, “Still Got the Blues-No Time But Here, No Place But Now: Geographies of Art and Activism in the Work of Clyde Woods”  

Steven Sizemore, School of Urban and Public Affairs, PhD Advisor, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing at the Local Level: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Practices in Louisville, KY” 

Michael Poindexter, “Oil, Space and National Imaginaries: Discursive Productions by Standard Oil New Jersey Post WWII” 

Victoria Montgomery, “A Qualitative Analysis of Communality in Louisville Community Gardens”